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Feel Christmassy in Goa!

‘December’ the coolest month in Goa, where the weather is alluring for all the travellers coming from different parts of the globe and why not? It is CHRISTMAS TIME and Goa, the former of Portuguese colony gears up the archaic celebration of joy. Christmas celebration in Goa is simply great, where every house, garden and different corners of this place are energetically drenched with lights [...]

Must-visit cafes of Goa

Sipping on a hot cup of coffee goes way beyond just enjoying the flavours. The charms of quaint cafés in Goa are known as a perfect hang out spots to impel conversations with your friends and loved ones. Right from artistic coffee houses to cosy little coffee corners, Goa has it all for the café lovers. Here’s a list of cafes not to be missed when visiting the sunshine state. [...]

Goa beyond the Sun

The parties in Goa must have settled down with the Monsoon at its crest but the beautiful landscapes of this Konkan coast have just started rising to its finest form. Want to explore what’s beyond the party scene of Goa? Now is the right time. It’s not just the cheap prices during the off-season of Goa that attracts the tourist. [...]

Adventure Water Sports to Experience in Goa

Goa’s pristine shorelines, bustling breezy beaches, placid waters and bright skies create a perfect setting to get high on adrenaline with adventure water sports. Whether you want to ride the waves, plunge into the clear water or fly with a bird’s eye view of the spectacular coastline, the party capital of India has something for everyone. [...]

Settling in Goa

Every single of the million tourists that flock in and out of Goa, end their trip on a very similar note – “Wish I could settle here and never leave!” Who wouldn’t fall in love with the endless coastline and ever happening nightlife! But once you move here, you will see, there is a lot more that will make you fall head over heels with this quaint little state. [...]

The Hidden Wild Treasures of Goa

It is rightly said, Goa is meant to be for the wild ones! While the night long parties and beaches in Goa will bring out the best in you; there is more to it than meets the eye. For people who are passionate about wildlife and nature; Goa is all set to leave you awe-inspired. Here’s a list of must-explore wildlife sanctuaries in Goa [...]

Best Waterfalls to Explore in Goa

The beauty of Goa holds interesting aspects still unknown to many. Composed of beaches, forts, churches; Goa also has a unique façade to it which not many have explored. Experience the flipside of this party capital of India through these abundant waterfalls dotted all over Goa.[...]

Goa - Best Place to Enjoy the Retired Life!

Even after being marked as the nation’s hottest destination for partying and touring, Goa’s essence still isn’t just valid for the youth. With the finest quality of living, it is the foremost choice amongst everyone to settle after retirement.[...]

The Goan Food Tale

The cool breeze coming off the ocean and the softest sands of the Goan beaches need the best accompaniment and nothing compliments the serenity of Goa better than its culinary treasures. To take you over the common fallacy that Goa is all and only about its churches, beaches and parties; [...]

Nirvana Found: Unexplored Beaches of Goa

A destination that sees thousands of tourists flocking in from around the globe, Goa is dotted with beaches at every nook and corner. If you have already experienced the glitzy lights at Baga and Calangute it’s time you take your tired feet to these unseen balmy beaches. [...]

Tour the offbeat churches and forts in Goa

An abode for all kinds of people; be it for rejuvenation or a happening nightlife, Goa plays all the roles right. While one might think they have ticked off all the names under their Goa’s bucket list, we are here to unearth some [...]


GOA is a favourite holiday spot for most of who’s who of the Bollywood fraternity. Right from MalaikaArora, Priyanka Choprato Imtiaz Ali and Priyanka Chopra– the entire glamour world prefers to hit the golden beaches to chill. [...]

Goan Gastronomy Guide

Being one of the places where time just stands still, there is definitely more to Goa’s beaches than meets the eye. Considering the 131 km long coastline, you have quite an array of options that range from watersports, enjoying a sip of the eternal Feni to the bite of king Prawns Goan style. [...]

The Great Indian Getaway!

Think of fine sprawling sandy beaches, palm-rimmed coastlines and lavish mouthwatering cuisine, sea-view apartments and you know it's Goa. There is something curiously mesmerizing about Goa. The destination attracts explorers irrespective of the season and remains a bustling place always. But if you aim to relax, unwind and chill, [...]

Goa - Your Second Home Calling!

Goa the happening town with its aureate beaches and oh-so-fantastic weather is an ideal place for holidays and yet quite a busy tourist destination, throughout the year. The state provides all the facilities that a globetrotter can ask for, right from good accommodation and lush food to adventurous sports activities and popular night-life. [...]

Second Home away from Home

Goa has always been considered among the best tourist place in Asia. With guests from all across the world coming to spend a peaceful era of their life over here, Goa has received a lot of interest from the foreigners every year. We have travelers who rent villas and apartments in Goa all year long, but have we ever thought that it could be made permanent haven? [...]

With GOA... Look no further!

"GOA" the place seriously needs no introduction anymore. One of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, Goa is exotic, fascinating, beautiful vibrancy and paints a unique picture for itself, one that is quite different from the rest of Indian states. From its calm yet glorious beaches to pretty basilicas; Goa's charm is infinite. [...]

EMGEE introduces you to Goa

All one can think about "GOA" are the pristine blue beaches married to the golden sand and perhaps a bottle of chilled beer, but is it really difficult to think of Goa beyond its beach life? Being termed as one of the most crowded and commercialized tourist destination, Goa still boasts of its old world [...]

Cinematic excellence comes to exotic Goa

One of the hottest tourist and holiday destinations in India is adding another feather to its cap. Dona Paula in Goa has been anointed as the permanent venue for International Film Festival of India (IFFI)(http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/goa/ESG-gets-2-09-lakh-sq-m-of-land-at-Dona-Paula-for-Iffi/articleshow/51643731.cms) by the Government.

Second Homes Are A Great Investment

When it comes to investing, savvy money managers advise that you spread your money - that is, you "diversify" your investments in 2016. Diversification protects you from losing your assets in a market slowdown of certain liquid and fixed funds. The sharp volatility in stock prices in recent years is proof enough; that putting all [...]