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Naira Designer


Rajiv has received his Masters in Architecture from Pratt Institute in, Brooklyn, NY. Registered with the Council of Architecture & Indian Institute of Interior Designers. Has experience of working with firms in New York and Mumbai. Rajiv worked on projects such as restoration of heritage structures, community housing projects for non-profits, redevelopment of older building using additional FAR, and interior design of sports club complex. Over time has developed an expertise in construction techniques, detailing and code compliance issues. Prone to questioning all aspects of the design and determined to work through the issues related to realization of a design intention.

RED was established in 2004 by a team of self motivated people empowered to act with a purpose to set up a design practice with a process oriented approach to design with a team of over 30 architects and interior designers . The team ensures that the design solution provided generates an environment that surpasses trends and fads by offering a more enriching spatial experience. They excel in interior design, architectural design and urban design with a unique approach towards each which is equally rigorous and comprehensive.

Their designs accommodate the 'perceptions' of users / clients and understand that there are no absolute solutions to any design project.